Great news for those of you who need a smålån uten kredittsjekk

smålån uten kredittsjekk

This is a Norwegian enterprise, second to none. It is doing Norwegian consumers and others who qualify a huge financial favor because up until today, it was far more difficult to get a smålån uten kredittsjekk than in the last twenty years or so. This would, of course, depend on which region or country you were living in. Some countries, like the United States for instance, have had for many years, flexible loan and credit facilities in place which made it easy for working class men and women to access loans.

Other countries’ lending institutions only made progress in this direction years later. But since the last financial crisis of 2008, also dubbed as the Great Recession to mimic the harsh Depression era of the earlier years of the last century, both formal (conventional) lending institutions and their consumers have learned sober lessons in a variety of ways, many of them not good.

Whether through bankers’ own initiatives, or through legislation, the practice of granting short to long term loans and credit and charge cards without a credit check was ceased immediately. Only consumers with clean credit records and collateral could access these facilities. Those who did not qualify would have to continue suffering for the next few years trying to work off their excessive debts. It has also come to be experienced that this form of austerity or fiscal discipline was counterproductive.

Even so, conventional bankers refuse to budge. You could try your luck with them and allow them to run the unpleasant credit checks first before receiving the bad news that, no, your loan application was unsuccessful. Progressive and profit driven and innovative big business entrepreneurs, in Norway, beyond that country’s borders across the European union, and across the world, have come on board to fill the gap, if you will.

These companies will not be doing a credit check after you have applied for a new line of credit or loan with them.  Those of you who have no credit history to speak of now have a huge advantage to spring board your own business initiatives and opportunities. It can take years to save up for the capital required to startup a business. But with a short to long term loan facility in place, you no longer need to hold back your opportunities to realize monthly to quarterly profits.

The onus does, however, still lie with you to be as financially prudent and responsible as possible. Do not, for a moment, think of applying for loans and credit lines for luxury items you really don’t need right now. Think only of your long term financial security. If you want to utilize such facilities to clear old debts and improve your credit records, do make sure that you are only using the loan to do just that.

Do not deviate from your plan. If you are unsure of how to go about this, do speak to a consultant or financial advisor before making a loan application.